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Meet Brian Wood, better known as the “EldridgeLawnGuy,” your friendly neighborhood lawn specialist. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Brian has been the go-to person for all things lawn care in the local community. From turning dull or dead lawns into lush green yards to keeping up with everyday grass needs, Brian’s got it covered.

In an age where genuine connections can be hard to come by, Brian stands out for his down-to-earth approach. He’s not just about mowing lawns – he’s about creating a bond with the community he serves. When you work with Brian, you’re not just hiring a lawn care expert; you’re gaining a reliable and trustworthy friend who genuinely cares about your outdoor space.

Having spent more than two decades perfecting his craft, Brian’s knowledge runs deep. Whether you’re puzzled by patchy grass or concerned about a wilting lawn, he’s the guy with the solutions. Grass restoration, lawn maintenance – you name it, Brian’s got the experience to handle it with finesse.

At Wood Lawn Maintenance, Brian has cultivated not only lawns but also relationships, one yard at a time. If you’re on the lookout for top-notch lawn care delivered with a personal touch, your search ends right here with Brian Wood, the EldridgeLawnGuy. Get ready to experience lawn care in a whole new, personable way.

Brian Wood



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With our experience in lawn maintenance, We can ensure that your lawn is well-maintained & healthy, with services such as composting, mulching, & fertilizing.

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